Housing is something I have been dealing with throughout my campaign. there is a serious lack of accommodation out there and it is an issue I am committed to working on.

Labour has restarted the social housing building scheme this year with initial investment of €100 million. This is only the beginning and I will fight for more funds as they become available. I will also work with NAMA to bring housing stock into social housing use.

I am proud that the Labour group on Dublin City Council not only prevented a cut to the homelessness budget but also managed to increase it. If elected I will support this budget and work to end homelessness.

In the current housing crisis, vacant housing is not acceptable. Labour has given €10 million to be spent this year on refurbishing vacant local authority housing in Dublin and I am supporting the introduction of a vacant sites levy to bring empty houses back into use.

I will demand a monthly report on vacant local authority housing and push the Council to have one person in charge of dealing with vacant houses.

Labour will facilitate the use of empty and derelict buildings and sites and we will use the Derelict Sites Act much more vigorously to tackle unsightly and unused properties.

Current rental regulations must be enforced and landlords must be registered, but I will also campaign to improve the rights to tenants, for a stronger right of tenure and for rent controles. I want to develop housing cooperatives as an alternative way of dealing with the housing crisis.

Rent allowance caps should be set on the bases of local rent values, and the Community Welfare Officers should have discretion in setting rent caps.

Not only did Labour prevent a €5 million cut to the housing adaptation grant for older people and people with disabilities, but we increased the funding, both nationally and at Dublin City level. I will continue to fight to protect this important support.

Labour has a proud record of supporting sustainable planning and zoning decisions and for fighting against corrupt and dangerous planning. If elected, If elected I will continue this proud tradition and will only support planning and zoning decision in the public interest and not in the interest of dodgy developers. All planning, accessibility and environmental laws must be applied to new buildings.

I am committed to working with the community to build a sustainable Phibsboro Local Area Plan which I can then work on delivering.

As someone with a disability I know the importance of accessibility. I am committed to fully implementing the Barcelona Declaration which committees cities to being universally accessible, not just for people with disabilities but also elderly people and parents with buggies. All new public buildings must be accessible.

Me and David Blunket

I fully support the campaign to deliver an Educate Together second level school for Dublin 7 and surrounding areas and a primary school for Pelletstown