I am voting YES

TL:DR Vote Yes and you don’t have to read all this!

I’m asking you all to vote yes on Friday! Women have suffered under the 8th amendment for too long. We have tried regulating reproduction through the constitution and it failed, and as a result, women have died!


If you are pro-choice or not, the question is simple. Will you vote yes for safe and regulated abortion in Ireland to give the so-called hard cases compassionate care? Or will you ignore their voices and say we can't do anything for them. Voting No means we run out of letters in the alphabet for the awful court cases and the 8 women a day travelling alone.

Staying at home would be a victory for the people who think plastering our streets with disgusting images is acceptable. The lies on those posters and the graphic images are awful and we need to send a resounding message that it is not ok by voting yes!

As a person with a disability, I am horrified at how the no side used disability in this campaign. People with disabilities are at risk during pregnancy, they are at a higher risk of being raped and they need access to safe abortion! The no sides claims about disability have been exposed as either misleading or complete lies! The no side does not speak for me and they can’t use my disability to deny women healthcare! During the campaign, I have worked with a lot of people with disabilities, through Labour Disability and People With Disabilities Together for Yes.

Men need to vote and they need to vote yes! If you believe a woman should have the right to decide and that this is a woman’s issue, stop interfering with it by taking the constitution out of the way.

The no side were exposed on the Primetime debate. They have no answers to the hard cases. Yes is on the side of facts, no is on the side of dodgy figures and disgusting posters. Please vote yes on Friday!

#Together2Vote #Together4Yes #YourVoteMatters