Metrolink and the NTA must listen to the views of Phibsborough and surrounding areas

Today I made a submission to MetroLink on how it might effect Phibsborough and surrounding areas. For more information on the project visit 

With some changes, the Metrolink project can be an important part of the City's public transport infrastructure. I think the southside root represents a lost opportunity as it could take a different root and cover more ground. On the north side, the position of several of the stops is questionable at best. 

I fully support the position of Na Fianna GAA Club. Taking their pitches is completely unreasonable. It would have a devastating impact on the children, the club and the wider community. This can't happen! 

The rail interconnector at Crossguns bridge is a good idea, but we need to try figure out a better way of doing it. Taking down the pub and 25 apartments is very expensive, demolishing homes in a housing crices seems not to make sense. For people living in the area, reassurances need to be given that the construction works will have a minimal impact on their lives. In Cabra and Phibsborough, when the Luas Cross City was being built, the work disrupted a lot of rats and caused a lot of distress for people living in the area. 

The Mater stop can't close off Berkeley road. This would result in the diversion of the 120, 38, 38a and 46a, Dorset street is already massively congested, so it's not clear where these busses can be diverted to.

For the people living in the area, the Foremasters park is an important green space, there really aren't a lot of green spaces in the area, taking one away is not acceptable. Why can't the existing station site under the new hospital wing be used instead? 

For the O'Connell street stop, if this is built, it must not have any impact on the existing Luas. There is already a serious problem getting trams across the city, we can't disrupt this more.