Vacant houses are a scandal, government inaction inexcusable!

Local representative Declan Meenagh has said that the thousands of vacant homes lying idle around the country remain the low hanging fruit option still underutilised by Government to deal with the housing crisis. It follows the release of new figures from the Department of Housing this week.

Declan said:

“Amid the release of new housing figures this week, there was a noticeable absence of detail of any action taken on the vacant housing front, with just a general reference to ‘voids’ included in the stock brought into use in 2017.

“This would also only cover the Local Authority empty units and does not take into account private dwellings.

“We know that there are thousands of vacant properties currently gathering dust around the country that could be used for the provision of homes in the midst of this crisis, but we are not seeing enough urgency on it.

“It has been said for some time that we need to drill down into the reasons that these properties are lying idle, but there is still no sign of the Government’s Vacant Homes strategy that was promised last year.

“With nearly 11% of total housing stock vacant here, bringing these homes back into use is the low hanging fruit option still underutilised by Government.

“Making use of existing vacant dwellings can, and must, be a quick win and a real solution for those families who have no home or are at risk of losing theirs.”